Neapolitan Birthday Cake!


Tomorrow is my grandmother’s birthday so this weekend we went up to visit her can my grandfather to celebrate!  For her birthday I wanted to make a Neapolitan cake.  I have never made one of these before but it seemed like such a fun idea that I had to try it.  The result was perfect!  It turned out so beautiful and elegant.  I love the ombre look of the icing on the outside of the cake it is just gorgeous.


It was a 6 inch cake with 4 layers.  The top and bottom were chocolate and then I made one vanilla and one strawberry layer.  In between each layer of cake I put an alternating layer of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting.  To make the strawberry frosting I tried something new.  I mixed in strawberry powder instead of using the usual strawberry puree.  This actually worked out so much better than the puree I have used in the past.  The flavor was so much more rich and the frosting consistency itself was so much better.  For the frosting on the outside of the cake I put dogs of each flavor of the frosting on the outside and smoothed them out using a pastry scraper to create the marbled/hombre effect. I made the the strawberries in chocolate and in white chocolate with the strawberry powder.  I dipped some in the chocolate first and then dipped them in the white chocolate next.  The others I reversed and dipped in the white chocolate then in the regular chocolate.  After that I took the leftover chocolate and drizzled it over the sides of the cake and piled all of those yummy strawberries on top!

This cake was amazing to look at and amazing to eat!  You should never sacrifice flavor or style when you can have both in your cake.  If you are looking for something decadent and delicious  for your special occasion contact me and we can talk details!



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