A little Chocolate and little Gold

SnapseedNot much makes me happier than a little chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, except maybe when you add a little gold dust on top with chocolate curls!

Everyone has there favorite combination of cake and frosting and if you dont I encourage you to work on that, I know some combos for you to try if you need suggestions! Most people are big fans of yellow cake with chocolate frosting and I cant blame them, its a classic for a reason! But I will always choose chocolate on chocolate and if you can squeeze another chocolate in there, please do! These cupcakes are a great example of this, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream with chocolate curls and just a little gold dust cause why not! Chocolate girls dream right here!

Strawberry Lemon Cupcakes

SnapseedIn my world March is the start of spring, now the weather in Oklahoma would disagree with me I think but I never agree with the weather here anyway! So its spring which means all the spring flavors, citrus and fruit, as much as I can get! This also means when I get an order for cupcakes I am going to try my hardest to squeeze these flavors into the line up!

This time it worked, I got an order for six dozens cupcakes, and was asked what flavors I thought (my favorite question!) So naturally I suggested strawberry cupcakes with lemon frosting! Such a good combination in my opinion, the only thing I like better is chocolate cause we all know how I feel about chocolate! But I digress these were just one of the three flavors that made an appearance, I will post the others soon, but these were the prettiest I think so I posted them first!Snapseed

Birthday Cake!

SnapseedA couple of years ago my oldest sister got a cookbook by the Milk Bar and it has changed a lot of thing in our lives! Firstly we had this challenge that we would make all of the recipes throughout the summer… Well we didnt complete that goal, life happens, but let me tell you we made a very large dent in that book! The other thing that changed our lives was this Birthday Cake! We made it and literally every birthday that happens in our family someone wants this cake, because it it just so good!

There are a few things that you should know about this cake and all Milk Bar recipes, they take time multiple recipes and multiple steps. Also dont skip steps and read the recipes carefully it matters(trust me, 1/3 a cup is not the same as 3/4 a cup). But they are so worth the time and effort you put into each creation! So my mom’s birthday was last week and she requested this cake and like a good daughter I made it for her!

One Trend I don’t want to go away!

SnapseedSucculents, cactus, and flowers of all varieties are one of my favorite trends right now and I really hope they dont go away anytime soon because I just love them! There are so many different ways you can use all the pretty plants and every time they are always a little different! So I never complain when someone requests them on cookies, cupcakes or cakes!

One of my roommates from college messaged me and wanted to order some cookies for a going away party for her boss who loves flowers and all plants. She and I talked about what she wanted the cookies to look like and everything was set! But then I got on Pinterest a week later and I saw these cookies that I just knew would be so much more fun! So messaged my friend and was like a “I know we have a plan and don’t have me but can I do something els?” Thankfully she indulged me and we ended up with these gorgeous cookies! They might be my favorite I don’t know it was really hard to let them go, so I’m thinking maybe they are! I loved the pink orange watercolor and then the different shades of green for the plants and just the pop of pink with the roses! They were great and my friend loved them so it was totally worth it!Snapseed

Funfetti Golden Oreo Cookies


Do you ever see a cookie that you just know you have to make, cause it just looks so good! Well these cookies were one of those times. I saw a cookie with golden Oreos in it and I love, and I mean love golden Oreos, and I was just like have to make something like this! But I really didnt like the recipe for the cookies, but I was not going to give up because as I said before I love golden Oreos and the only thing better than the actual cookie is to put them in another cookie right! So I decided to add them to a funfetti cookie recipe. Excellent decision on my part I must say, and if that weren’t enough I decided they would be even better with some white chocolate on the top. All in all I think this cookie is a definite win in my book!

Never Enough Sprinkles!


I know this will come as a shock but I use to hate sprinkles when I was a kid, I know crazy! I’m not sure what was wrong with my poor misguided young self, but I am so glad that I saw the error of my ways. I love sprinkles and I have said it before but I love these sprinkles from Sweetopalita! The colors and the shapes are so bright and colorful it reminds me of the warmth of summer as I battle through this cold and windy January! I find sprinkles and chocolate cupcakes can help you get through a lot!

So in my day job I also cook for a living and we were trying a new chocolate cake recipe so I snuck some extra batter for these cupcakes, cause cupcakes are my favorite! The only thing better than a chocolate cupcake, is a chocolate cupcake with this chocolate frosting on the top, so good! And when you top it with these sprinkles well I can’t think of anything better!IMG_0024

Marshmallows and Hot Cocoa!

IMG_4968It’s freezing outside, which means you can find me under a pile of blankets next to the fireplace! I am not a cold weather person at all, summer is my favorite time of year because it is the only time I am truly warm! The one of the few things that I really do love about winter is the fact that there is hot chocolate every where you turn. And given my love for chocolate it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I love hot chocolate!

The best thing to have with my hot chocolate is marshmallows and while I can get behind the store bought ones, there is really nothing better than a homemade marshmallow. If you haven’t had one you need to get some cause they are the best! I usually make at least one batch during the winter (or multiple batches). The best secret that I have come across for these wonderful creations is vanilla powder, it just makes them so much better trust me! They are really simple to make and they really make hot chocolate just that much better! IMG_4935