Mini Eclairs


These are my mini eclairs.  They are just so adorable I can’t even stand it!  These were a just because item this week.  Some days you just need to bake…just because.  I took some to work and gave some away because I told myself I was not allowed to eat them all.

I made some with chocolate on the top and some with a pink glaze for a little variety.  First I made the pastry cream with milk, half and half, egg yolks, butter, and sugar.  Cooked it all on the stove and then transferred it to the oven.  While that was in the oven I made the pate a choux which is essentially the bread but it sounds so much better to say pate a choux!  You use butter, sugar, flour, salt, and eggs.  Mix everything but the eggs on the stove and then transfer to the mixer.  Beat it in the mixer until it cools then add the eggs one at a time.  After all that transfer it to a pastry bag and pipe them into what size you would like. Bake them and then let them cool completely.  Poke a hole in the end and fill them with the pastry cream.  After that I topped it with the chocolate and the pink glaze.  They are just too adorable for words!

For more of my baking shenanigans check out my other posts!


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