Easter Bread


This is such a sweet and yummy looking Easter bread.  I found this recipe in a magazine called Baked from Scratch.  I love trying out new recipes especially from sources that I trust.

You first dye the eggs the color you want and then mix up the dough. First you activate the yeast in warm milk, then u mix in eggs, sugar and salt then add half the flour, then add butter in one tablespoon at a time. Then stir in the rest of the flour and knead the dough for 8 minutes (or until ur arms are to tired) then let rise. After the dough has risen for about an hour punch down the dough and separate it into 3 equal parts and roll into three long strands and braid together form into a circle and place eggs in between folds in the bread let rise again. At the this point you would be shocked how large the bread is. Then bake the bread, it gets even bigger at this point barely fits on the pan! After the bread has cooled I mixed up a glaze with confectioners sugar and milk and it drizzled over the bread and covered with sprinkles.

It was very good and sweet but not overly sweet.



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