S’mores Cookies!

jjjhEveryone who knows me, knows that my favorite season is summer and I try to hang on to it as long as I can before pumpkin completely takes over everyone’s lives. So I decided I wanted some cookies this weekend and wanted to have a little reminder of those yummy treats you have to make around the fire every year, thus a s’more cookie!

Little did I know this wouldn’t be as simple as I thought because well we can’t be perfect all the time lol! Let me explain, so I decided that I really wanted to capture that campfire goodness, and the best way to do that is to toast marshmallows, sounds easy right? Wrong! So I layered a pan with graham crackers, topped that with chocolate and popped it in the oven to get them all melty, then spread the chocolate evenly over the top. Next I topped with marshmallows and back in the oven it goes, and this is where the problem started. I start working on the rest of the cookie dough, then I start smelling marshmallow and I’m like “oh they are done” open the oven, and I am met with flames engulfing the top of my mallows and coming out of the oven! I mean they were in there a minute maybe! Naturally panic for the state of my apartment sets in and I shut the door, oven off and I’m throwing doors open and hoping that sprinkler system above my head doesn’t go off!

Needless to say the first batch of marshmallow went in the trash, and I tried again. But you better believe that I sat in front of that oven watching the entire time the second batch was in the oven! They came out much better, perfectly toasted! So I tossed them into the cookie dough  and then dished them out and baked them and prayed they didn’t catch on fire while they were in the oven!gf

Crockpot Cheesecake…what?

IMG_4195So I’m cheating on baking a little bit, but when I find a really good cookbook I’m inclined to share! My sister has an undying love for her crockpot, would make every meal in a crockpot if she could. So when I saw this cookbook I immediately thought of her and knew I had to try it!

Obviously my blog is all about the sweet things in life, so I focused in on that in the cookbook, but the whole book is so good! The fact that we are heading into fall which is the perfect time for crockpot recipes also doesn’t hurt either. I’m always a fan of a Martha Stewart cookbook, they are always so well put together and the pictures are so beautiful. This one did not disappoint, the pictures are great and its separated into different sections that make looking for a recipe super easy.

IMG_4196I zeroed in on the dessert section right away and the first thing that caught my eye was the crockpot cheesecake. Never thought of doing a cheesecake in the crockpot? You are not alone, I was puzzled by this as well but their claim that the top wouldn’t crack was to good not to give a try! Anyone else know the frustration of spending time and energy attempting to make the perfect cheesecake only to pull it out and there is a big crack right in the middle!(I feel your pain, trust me) So I set out to prove this cookbook wrong no way a crockpot is better than an oven, right?

Wrong! It was perfect! So to start with this recipe is super simple and the instructions are well written and easy to follow! And the cheesecake even tastes amazing! The indirect heat of the crockpot works wonders on this cheesecake it came out great with no cracks! I personally can’t wait to try all the other recipes in this book, fall is off to a good start!

I was given this cookbook from Blogging for Books for my honest review. If you want to know more about the author or where to purchase this book, click on the links below.

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Dunna Dunn Dun Batman!

IMG_4112My nephew turned 3 a couple of weeks ago, I just want to shrink him he is not my baby anymore and it makes me sad… Anyway moving past my pity party, he really loves batman so for is his birthday party it was obviously batman themed! My sister asked me to make some cookies to go with the cupcakes she was making so of course I did! And because I am a little old school and the first batman I ever saw was the Adam West version, I gave it a little throw back by throwing a “pow”in there (I’m not sure why the batman franchise gave that up…)!

And just so you can appreciate how cute my nephew is I will add a pic of him, cause he is really the cutest thing ever!IMG_4102

Peach Pie Cupcakes

IMG_4106So I love peaches, like serious love. Not like, not a healthy appreciation, a serious love, but this love only extends to really good peaches. And sadly Oklahoma does not seem to be able to provide me with these great peaches, and there is nothing sadder to me than getting a peach that just doesn’t taste good. It’s like the peach had a chance at greatness and just fell short 😦

See I wasn’t kidding about the serious love, but every year a semi truck comes from Colorado and delivers the best peaches I have ever had! Sure the concept seems shady, you drive out to the middle of nowhere before the sun comes up and get a box of peaches off the side of the road out of the back of a semi… But I am telling you, worth all the shadiness! Since the box is about 10 or 15 pounds and my obsession requires me to get a full box just for myself, this usually leads to some peach baking happening!

This year I decided to try a recipe that my sister sent me on Pinterest, because it combined by two favorite things, pie and cupcakes! You make the cupcake kinda like a spice cake, with cinnamon and nutmeg in the batter and then you make a peach filling to put in the center of the icing! It was pretty yummy, the only thing I would change would be more peach filling in the middle, cause lets face it you cant have to many peaches!IMG_3954

Chocolate Cake Truffles

IMG_4087Cake truffles, cake balls… whatever you want to call these little bits of goodness is fine with me as long as you appreciate how yummy they are! These were another treat I made for the Dr. Suess baby shower I talked about. I mean its cake all smashed up with frosting and then dipped in chocolate, need I say more? Well I could because if that wasn’t enough these little beauties got topped with the cutest sprinkle mixture! I ordered these sprinkles from Sweetapolita, I love all their sprinkles, these had just right colors to match the colors of the shower! They are the perfect topper to cake truffles, to add some fun color!

Succulents for days!

IMG_4110One of my favorite trends lately are succulents, they are such simple but pretty plants and I am so happy they are translating into the baking world as well! I have had several orders for different succulent themed treats, and I try to make each one a little different so they are all unique!

I was asked to make these cookies for a baby shower, and I was pretty much given free reign on what I wanted to do. Which is always fun but also scary at the same time lol! So the invitations was all different types of watercolor succulents, so that was my inspiration for the they little water color succulents painted on these cookies! I think they turned out really well and more importantly the girl who ordered them was super happy with them!IMG_4111

Oh, the places you’ll go!

jjIn life who doesn’t enjoy Dr. Suess… I mean all those whimsical characters and funny rhymes not much better than that for a kid! So its no wonder so many people throw Dr. Suess themed showers, and I am so amazed at the variety of ideas people have to keep them cute and original!

These cookies I did for a friend who goes to my church, it was a joint shower for her daughter who is having a girl and her cousin who is having a boy. When she first talked to me about it I was kinda in my head going, not sure how that is going to play out with Dr. Suess’s bright primary color spectrum. As we talked more, we landed on these cute cookies with more of the whimsy of the books and a much cuter color palate in my opinion! We did both the the babies initials with the cheveron and the dots and added the cute little poof things as well!

They turned out so adorable! I love them and all their whimsicalness!;;