Pumpkin Everything!

IMG_4403So when fall hits the pumpkin mania takes over! Everything must have pumpkin in it, or decoarated with pumpkins, or be pumpkin color, and my sister is no exception to this rule. She hounded me for weeks about making her pumpkin cookies, cake, cheesecake. I probably had about fifty Pinterest pins sent to me about pumpkins from her.

Well I can take a hint so I finally caved and decided to make her these pumpkin cookies, I found a recipe that were pumpkin cookies with cinnamon chips, done. Or so I thought apparently walmart and target no longer carry these chips! Now normally improvising is not a problem for me, but I will let you in on a secret I try to hide during the month of fall, I don’t like pumpkin. I know its very frowned upon to not like pumpkin, but I just don’t so it was a little difficult to decide what would go well with it cause in my mind nothing does. I finally landed on white chocolate chips and caramel chips, cause in my opinion caramel really can’t make much taste bad. And just to ensure that they tasted extra good I rolled them in cinnamon sugar before I baked them cause more sugar can’t hurt anything, right!

Well whatever I did was apparently the right thing because my sister loved them and so did her husband. So apparently liking pumpkin is no a prerequisite to making good pumpkin desserts!



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