Lemon Mini Cupcakes

lemon2So I have been really bad about posting lately, and I do apologize for that! All I can say in my defense is that sometimes life is hard and gets away from you! But I”m back now and hopefully can get posts out on time!

Let me tell you though that when life is hard its nice to have people around you who will go above and beyond to help you out! I made these adorable mini cupcakes for some great people in my life who have done just that in the last couple of weeks! Whether it was coming to my rescue when my car died in the middle of the street, looking at said car to try and fix it, dragging me around town, or dealing with my overwhelmed crying self these people were great and deserve a million cupcakes. However my kitchen space doesn’t allow for that so they had to settle for a few mini ones!

I love mini cupcakes they are the cutest little things and are so easy to just pop one(or four) in your mouth. And you all know my love for chocolate but I have to say a lemon cupcake in the middle of summer definitely wins in my book! If you top it with lemon frosting well that”s even better! lemon


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