Caramel Popcorn


I know you are thinking I’m cheating again because this is not baking, but you would be wrong! Hehe! This was another recipe we did when my friend was in from Korea, since we were going to the drive in you have to have popcorn! So you pop just plain popcorn, no butter, not salt, (confession, I cannot pop popcorn on the stove burn it every time, its embarrassing, and I am greatly ridiculed by my sisters) and let it cool. Next you make the caramel sauce, you mix butter and brown sugar and corn syrup together over the stove. Add salt and pour over popcorn and stir together to coat. Now here comes the sneaky baking part, you lay it out on a sheet pan and bake stirring every fifteen minutes until it hardens up. So a little cheating on the baking but not too much! Caramel popcorn is so tasty and is highly recommended for your next drive in movie night!


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