Strawberry Pistachio Profiteroles!



So these have a very fancy name but it’s basically are really really good cream puff! Some of my friends were getting together for dinner not long ago and asked if I would bring a dessert, of course I said would. With nothing in my mind I wanted to make, I flipped through my Baked from Scratch cookbook, I wanted to make everything, and landed on the page with this recipe. Have you ever seen a dessert and just thought I have to make that, it looks so good if I don’t I will regret it for the rest of my life (ok thats extreme, maybe). So the recipe first has you making a pastry creme and then adding chopped pistachios and rose water, well I’m not a huge fan of rose water and they didn’t have it at the store so I decided instead to add some chopped strawberries, cause they were going on top so why not in as well. Then you make the chouix  pastry and pipe them in golf ball sized circle (or guess like I did cause I don’t keep a golf ball handy lol), and bake them. Next you make a strawberry syrup out of fresh strawberries and add it to powdered surgar  with some milk(again supposed to be rose water but see previous reasoning) to make a glaze. You pipe the cream into the center of your pastry then dip in the glaze! These were so good, so pretty and now I don’t have to regret not skipping this recipe!




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