Viennese Whirls!



Who watches the Great British Baking Show? If you don’t you should! I love it, and every week the contestants are given a technical challenge, which basically means they have to follow a not complete recipe and make it as good as the professional judges do! As a baker I would like to think this wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I would be wrong. I will be honest and say I have tried a few and not always gotten stellar results. Well in honor of the show, this week I decided to make one of these said technical challenges. The Viennese Whirls! And to spoil the cliffhanger here, they turned out!

So for these little cookie (they would say biscuits) sandwiches, you first make a raspberry jelly. You combine raspberries and sugar and boil them together then let that set up. Then you make the biscuits as they say, which is powdered sugar, butter, cornstarch and flour. Pipe them into circles and bake them. They are very soft when they are done and are easily broken, I may have lost one or two due to clumsiness. Then you make the buttercream frosting, which is supposed to be just powdered sugar and butter but I added a little salt because I always do to buttercream. (Sorry Mary Berry!) Then you spread jam on a biscuit and pipe in buttercream and sandwich them together and enjoy. They were very yummy.

I don’t know if they would have one me Star Baker but I like to think they would have!


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