Grapefruit Tart


So grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits, mainly because it is so dependable! Like how many grapefruits have you gotten that weren’t good, I would bet not many! Strawberries, peaches, nectarines, raspberries, I love them all but half the time they just don’t taste as good as they should! Grapefruit hardly ever lets me down, it is so good all the time! My grandfather always had grapefruit at his house and had special spoons to eat them with  which is probably where my love of grapefruit started. They can be a lot of work to get them cut but sprinkle a little sugar on top and they are the perfect snack!

Now that I have thoroughly bored you with my love of grapefruit we will get to this yummy tart! When I found this recipe for grapefruit tart I knew I had to make it, see the paragraph above for reasons! However I will say this was a bit more labor intensive than I originally thought it would be. First you make the crust, which in my opinion was more like a sugar cookie dough than a traditional tart crust, but who is complaining about that.  You make the dough and put it in whatever tart pan you are using and then you blind bake it(which means you put foil in it and bake with beans, rice, or pie weights so it doesn’t lose its shape). After you blind bake it you take the foil out and bake again to get it golden brown.

Then to make the filling, you squeeze out the grapefruit juice then boil it to reduce it. Mix together grapefruit zest and sugar, then mix in butter and eggs. Combine with grapefruit juice and boil together again. Allow to cool and pour into the pan and refrigerate again. Whoo! Then you are done, it was a lot of work but the end result was very worth it! It was light and delicious!



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