S’mores Macaroons!


I found this recipe and thought they were adorable, as a general rule I don’t like macaroons, but hadn’t ever made them before so decided to give them a shot anyway because s’mores anything is usually a good idea.

The Macaroons have graham cracker crumbs in them. I discovered the key to these little things is to let them rest, after you pipe the dough out you have to let them sit for at least an hour! While they were resting I made the marshmallow fluff, you could take the easy way and buy it but alas I like a challenge so I made it. It involves boiling sugar and water at 240 degrees then slowly adding it to whipped egg whites and cream of tarter then whipping that until it gets stiff and then you have the fluff! Then I put the macaroons in the oven. Baked them and allowed them to cool.  Next I made the chocolate ganache, the recipe called for milk chocolate chips, but in most chocolate situations I find dark chocolate to be best! You boil some cream and pour it over the chips and stir together. I pipped the marshmallow fluff and on and I was going to toast them but sadly my lighter was out of juice so next time. Then I popped the ganach on to the other half then sandwiched them together.

Most surprisingly I found I really enjoyed these macaroons, they were so good and a good trade when you don’t have a fire to make the real thing.



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