Pirate Day!



I have two nephews and they are pretty much the cutest little people you could ever meet.  Since there are only two of them I like to take many opportunities to spoil them.  I have had several themed little parties with them just for fun, and this time we had a pirate themed party.

I started with some sugar cookies.  I wanted to make them pirate themed so I designed some to look like gold coins and others too look like treasure maps.  For the gold coins I made a yellow icing and then mixed gold petal dust with some vanilla and lightly brushed the tops of the coin cookies with it to give them a gold shiny look.  I also made pirate head cake pops.  I mixed strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cake together to make the cake pops.  To draw the outline of the pirate face on the cake pop I used an edible marker and then filled it in with black icing.

I am happy to say pirate day was a success.  My nephews loved playing pirates and treasure hunting and of course loved the dessert!

Looking for some pirate cookies?  Contact me and we can talk details.



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