Salted Caramel Brioche Donuts


So these were kind of a cheat because they were not baked, but they did have butter in them!  Honestly I just love donuts!  There is just something about a really good donut that can’t be beat.

This is a brioche donut dough so I made the donut dough and the pastry cream the night before.  The dough had to rise in the refrigerator overnight.  The pastry cream needed time to cool which is why I made it the night before as well.  It was a basic pastry cream but then I made caramel sauce to add in to the pastry cream as well.  Making the caramel sauce was easy.  It’s basically water and sugar heated until it’s brown.  The key to that is not to let it burn because that is hard to clean up after.  After that I made the pastry cream.  The next morning I took the dough out and it had doubled in size, I rolled it out and cut out the donut size that I wanted.  In this case I went with a bite size cut.  I let those rise again after cutting them and then I fried them in oil.    Once they were golden brown I took them out and tossed them in granulated sugar once they were cooled I used a piping bag to put the pastry cream in them.

These donuts turned out so well.  They were all eaten within ten minutes (not all by me, promise)!


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