Strawberry Lemon Cake


This cake was actually created from a challenge.  My sister sent me a photo of a strawberry lemon cake and challenged me to make it look better than that one.  So that is what I set out to do.  I had wanted to try a new lemon cake recipe anyway so this was a perfect opportunity.

There were two layers of strawberry cake and two layers of lemon.  For the lemon cake I added lemon extract and lemon zest.  I frosted the cake with a lemon strawberry frosting.  I added lemon extract and zest to the frosting and added crushed dehydrated strawberry as well.  For the decoration on the cake I added little dollops of frosting to one side and I made candied lemon peel.  For that I cut the lemon peel into tiny strips, boiled it to get the bitterness out of it, then I boiled it a second time with water and sugar, and after that I strained it and tossed it with granulated sugar and then let it dry.

This new recipe for lemon cake worked great and was delicious.  I loved the effect of the frosting dollops and the candied lemon peel as well, it was just gorgeous.


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