Baby shower cakes


This beauty was for a baby shower over the weekend and it is just gorgeous.  Naked cakes have a simple beauty to them especially when you add decor to them like this one. It is simply elegant.

The bottom tier of this cake is chocolate and the top tier is a white cake.  The outside is covered in a thin layer of buttercream frosting.  Naked cakes don’t have much frosting on the outside so I always try and make sure that they have a lot of frosting between the layers because the frosting (in my opinion) is the best part of cake.  Naked cakes are also a good choice if you are not a frosting person because you don’t have to add very much frosting between the layers.

I have never done a naked cake with two different flavors like the chocolate and the white on this one.  I wasn’t sure how the cake itself would look with the contrasting chocolate and white but they looked great together and even better with the succulants on the top and the sides!

Looking for a special cake for a special event?  Contact me I would love to talk details with you!


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