Easter Cookies!


Happy Easter!  In honor of Easter I got a little creative with some Easter cookies.  These are moss covered bunnies and gingham eggs.

The moss covered bunnies I made by crushing up graham crackers and mixing them with green food coloring until it was mostly green with just a bit of brown showing through.  Then I iced my bunny sugar cookies with green icing to cover any gaps that might show through.  I waited about 5 minutes for the icing to set up a bit then sprinkled the tops with the graham cracker mixture and pressed on the tops to make sure they were set in.  I let them dry, after they dried I dusted off any excess graham cracker and piped tiny flowers along the neck of the bunnies.

Next I worked on the gingham eggs, this was a bit of an experiment because I had seen this before but had never done it, but it worked great! I bought some edible color mist and used a lined stencil.  I covered the eggs in white icing and let them dry almost completely.  Then I laid the stencil on top of the egg horizontally and lightly sprayed, then did it again placing the stencil vertically.

I just love how they both turned out they were so cute and of course yummy!  Like I say never sacrifice flavor for presentation when you can have both.


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