Cake Truffles


On Friday I posted about my cake tasting but I also was able to use some of the extra cake to make these!  These are cake truffles.  I used some of the extra cake that I did not need for the cake tasting to make them.  I often get in trouble because to make the cake sit properly you have to cut the top off, normally after I do that I throw the top away and I am often scolded for waisting perfectly delicious cake.  Well not today!  I decided to use the leftover cake instead of throwing it away.  I made these to give to my 2 nephews because they love all things sweet just like me!

So I took the cake and mixed the extra buttercream frosting I had then i covered them in chocolate and sprinkles.  My nephews also have a serious love for sprinkles.  They cannot get enough of them.



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