Cake Tasting Day!


I am making a cake for a sweet couple’s wedding next month and today was cake tasting day!  Generally when I make a wedding cake I will meet with the bride and we will discuss what she wants the cake to look like, taste like, and how many she is planning to serve.  Once we settle on those details I like to have a cake tasting for the couple.  I want them to be able to taste what they are getting and still have enough time to make changes if they want.

This couple requested a white cake with buttercream frosting.  The bride wanted to have a naked cake and we will decorate it with flowers on the wedding day.  I made a small version of what I will be making for their wedding and they were able to sample it to make sure this was the flavor and look that they wanted. This is their special day and I want to make sure that this cake is perfect for them!

Cake tastings are so fun because seriously who doesn’t want to eat cake!  If you are looking for someone to make a cake for your special event contact me I would love to talk details with you!


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