Lumberjack Sugar Cookies


Sugar cookies can be so fun!  I made these for a 1st birthday party.  The party theme was Lumberjack!  How adorable is that.  I was so excited to make these cookies.  I have an amazing sugar cookie recipe, one of the things I love about this recipe is that when it is baking the cookie holds it’s shape.  For decorating purposes you definitely want your cookie to hold it’s shape!  I made four different designs for this order. There were the most adorable moose cookies,  some tree stump cookies and then of course a tree cookies and last but not least we had to have a plaid cookies too.  I loved how the plaid turned out especially to looked so great!



Since this was a first birthday the parents also wanted to have a smash cake!  You can capture so many great moments with a smash cake!  For the smash cake I made it into a tree stump to keep with the lumberjack theme.  I made a 3 layer yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  It turned out so adorable.


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