Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake


When I was thinking on what to make my first post about I realized it had to be about chocolate!  My love for all things chocolate is legendary among my friends and family.  Not just any chocolate though it has to be good chocolate!

The cake pictured is the perfect example of good chocolate.  I actually made the Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake for my oldest sister’s birthday.  I used my chocolate cake recipe (it’s a secret though 🙂 I am very picky about the recipes I use) to start off with and then added a few extras like like cocoa, melted dark chocolate, and I added coffee to enhance the chocolate flavor. I brushed each layer of the cake with a caramel simple syrup and then added yet another salted caramel sauce in between the layers of the cake.  It gave the cake a sweet and rich flavor. I left the outside of the cake naked (so scandalous!) and instead in between each layer of the cake I put a chocolate buttercream frosting.  I topped the cake with homemade salted caramels, the salted caramel syrup, and shaved pieces of dark chocolate.  The next step was to eat and enjoy!

It was so delicious! I am hungry again just looking at the picture!


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